Rules of Play

To avoid injuries and maintain a safe play environment please we ask you to read and acknowledge the Rules of Play.


·   Children may only use the facility in the charge of a carer 

·   Adults are prohibited from using the play equipment but are allowed to enter to supervise or retrieve their children

.  If a child has obvious recent injuries, or is clearly unwell, they should not be allowed to use the facility.

.  No smoking in the facility.

.  Children of widely different ages should be discouraged from using the same equipment at the same time.  Where possible toddlers should use separate designated area supervised, staff should be notified if rough play is happening or the number and behaviour of older children should not overwhelm younger children.

.  Children are not permitted to climb up slides or wait at bottom of slides.

.  To avoid injury slide feet first with elbows tucked in.

.  Children are asked to keep all drinks and food within the designated eating areas, and are asked not to carry food or drink into carpet area, play frame or disco room or sports court.

.  Adults are permitted to enter play frame to supervise children and we ask that careful supervision of slides is maintained throughout play.

.   Please ensure children and adults remove shoes before entering play frame and socks worn at all times.

.   No glassware is permitted within the facility.

.   Any accident/ incident must be reported to a member of staff.

.  Children should be encouraged to use the toilet before entering play frame. (Under 5 years should be accompanied to the toilet).

.   It is not allowed for children /adults to climbing on netted walls or play structure.

.  Fighting or bulling is not tolerated. Guilty parties may be asked to leave.

.  Jewellery, badges and sharp objects must be removed; children wearing glasses should take particular care.     

. Arms and legs must be covered by clothing if going down slides e.g long sleeves and trousers and socks.

.  We Luv 2 Party encourages children to  play, run free and explore in a safe and stimulating environment. As such, there are inherent risks that are always associated with children playing and having fun together.These include children being exposed to moderate physical activity, tripping, falling and bumping into fixed objects and other children. We have taken every reasonable step to control these risks through the design, maintenance and operation of the facility. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely and Parents/Guardians must recognise and accept this risk.

.  Everyone that enters our facility must wash their hands as shown on posters displayed, also there will be hand sanitizing stations to be used, no one should attempt to enter building if they are feeling unwell or have a temperature.

Thank you for your co-operation